Do young people spend too much time watching television
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Do young people today make good use of their leisure time? Or do they spend too much time watching television and playing video games, instead of taking part in more productive activities?

By Morvarid Moghis ,

 June 2009

In 26 January 1926, Television publicly demonstrated. At first they called it THE MAGIC BOX but later they named it Television, one of the greatest 20th century inventions. Of course some of the exports don’t agree with this phrase, because they think television has taken the activities from families especially youngsters.

They always argued whether television is profitable or not? Some of them belief, television is just a one­- way technology that lead people to do certain things and has negative influence on them. Other exports think that TV is two way technology, it means when people are watching TV, they have difference reaction in contrast with programs.

To days controversy is about our young generation that spends too much time watching TV and playing Video games. Do you ever think how much is too much for our children to sit in front of TV screen?

Well, recently scientist published amount of research about this question. They found out, watching TV for 3 hours a day has high levels of psychological distress and being physically inactive may make matters worse in other words by being inactive our children will have problems with obesity and heart diseases in near future.

In past TV had just one or two programs so children were spending most of their times playing outside and doing activities but now they are just sitting in front of screen and do nothing.

In conclusion, I think it’s better for our society to decide more wisely, we all know beside negative points of television that has infected our children’s health and make them to have solitary activities which inhibit social development, It has some positive and powerful points too. To be realistic we could not ask our children to not watch TV, but as parents we can teach them how to use television in a beneficial way and if we provide and replace high quality of other activities rather than watching TV, we can save our young generation from heart diseases and other premature problems that may happen for them in future.             

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